Rocker Cover Racing

Rocker Cover Racing Regulations

Mini Nationals Waikato 2024

There are many sets of rules for this sport however the following will be adopted for the Waikato 2024 event.  These rules are based on previous Mini Nationals.

The Cars

1)  The rocker cover must been sourced from a Mini A- Series engine.

2) The vehicle maximum dimensions are, 

width 180mm

height 200mm

length 350mm

Wheel diameter 130mm

 Weight 3.5kg

The car front to be no more than 40mm above the track. This is for starting and timing purposes.

3)  Propulsion by Gravity alone.  No stored energy allowed.

The Race Format


All cars will run three times against different competitors.  From these runs a pool of the 16 fastest cars will advance to the Final Race series.

The Finals

The fastest 16 cars will race in a Dual car sprint knock out series.  

Winner advances to the next round until an ultimate winner is found.

Race Control

The Start will be by staging lights with the driver releasing their own car. (see MSNZ Schedule Z, clause 8.1)

 A jumped start will disqualify the car.  The winner being the first to cross the finish line. If neither car reaches the finish line then the car that travels furthest will be the heat winner.

Jumped starts and Finish order will be determine electronically. 

Individual Challenges.

Track time will be available after the Finals for privately arranged challenges.