Points are awarded for participation and placings in the various Nationals events. Prizes are awarded at the awards ceremony on Sunday evening.

Show and Shine Awards and Categories

1. Best in Show Award : Top cars in each category go forward to be judged to decide “Best in Show”

Classic Mini Categories

2. Survivor : all original as it left the factory, no repainting, no restoration. Maintenance items such as tyres and exhaust systems will be accepted.
3. Daily Driver : any modifications, any restoration etc but must be used as a daily driver.
4. Mk 1 and 2 : 1959 – 1970 : generally standard with no more than 3 obvious modifications.
5. Mk 3 – 5 : 1970 – 1990 : generally standard with no more than 3 obvious modifications.
6. Rover Mk 6 and 7 : 1990 – 2000 : generally standard with no more than 3 obvious modifications.
7. Clubman : generally standard with no more than 3 obvious modifications.
8. Factory Variants : Factory built Elf/ Hornet/ Moke/ Van/ Traveller/ Countryman/ Pickup: generally standard with no more than 3 obvious modifications.
9. Other Variants : Non factory/low volume body: De Joux/Marcos/Gem/Midas/Wasp/Ibis/Joke
10. Custom : Highly modified, Mini based, anything goes.
11. Competition : Modified for Race, Rally, Hillclimb, Track day, etc.

New MINI Categories

12. Gen 1 and 2 : 2002 – 2011
13. Gen 3 : 2012 – 2022

14. Peoples Choice Award: From any category, voted for by the public and Nationals entrants.

Notes :
– Show and Shine categories might change if there are insufficient entries in any category, but we’ll let you know if that happens. 
– Rental or loan cars may be displayed but will not be judged in the Show and Shine. A loan car means a car not owned by the Show and Shine Entrant. 
– Having more than 3 obvious modifications in the relevant classes will incur a penalty, but does not disqualify an entry. If your car has a large number of obvious modifications, it might do better in the Custom class 10. 
-Trophies will be awarded to the registered driver of the vehicle which scores the most points in each Show and Shine category.

Other Awards

15. Overall 2022 Nationals Winner : Awarded for the highest points scored by an individual registered driver using the same car in the 3 competition events; Show and Shine, Navigational Trial, and Speed Event 
16. Newcomers Award : Awarded to the driver gaining the highest points attending their first Nationals as a registered Entrant.
17. Navigational Trial: Highest points overall.
18. Speed Event : Highest points overall, 1st Classic Mini , 1st MINI
19. Funkhana : Highest points overall
20. Nationals Club Trophy : To be eligible for the Club Trophy, each club must have at least 3 entrants. The 2022 “Club Prize” will be determined by two factors:
1. The Club’s participation effort, being the result of the number of entrant cars and the distance travelled
2. The club’s performance at the Nationals, being the result of collective registered driver competition points

Judges’ decisions are final and no correspondence will be entered into by judges or any member of the Mini Car Club of Auckland in relation to any decision.

2021 Award Winners

Here are the current award winners from the 2021 Mini Nationals in Christchurch. Well done to everyone who entered the competitions, and congratulations to the winners!

3rd Denis Hammond – Nelson
2nd Deidre Rennie – Tauranga
1st Nathan Arthur – Canterbury

3rd Adrian Harris
2nd Daniel Males – Canterbury
1st Karl Celeste – Wellington

Scatter Run
3rd Murray Sutton – Tauranga
2nd Steven Moore – Canterbury
1st Mike Hann – Canterbury

Show and Shine


Brent Collins

Class 1 – Mk1 & Mk2
3rd Roydon Anderson – Nelson
2nd Orrin McKay
1st Peter Grundy

Class 2 – Mk3 & Mk4
3rd Lance Adams –
2nd Patrick Quinlivan – Canterbury
1st David Pinker – Nelson

Class 3 – Clubman
3rd John Dyer – Canterbury
2nd Ryan Purvis – Canterbury
1st Trever Parker – Tauranga

Class 4 – Variants
3rd Andrew Curtis – Wellington
2nd Paul Costin
1st Rosalie Stevenson – Canterbury

Class 5 – Rover
3rd Stuart Manson – Canterbury
2nd John Williams – All the way from the Naki – Auckland
1st Craig Williams – All the way from the Naki – Auckland

Class 6 – MINI 2000-2011
3rd Murray Sutton – Tauranga
2nd Rochelle Kerr – Wellington
1st Irene Bernell-Herron

Class 7 – MINI 2012+
3rd Alan White – Kapiti
2nd Ian Shears – Hawkes Bay v
1st Tim Sinclair – Tauranga

Class 8 – Modified
3rd Graeme Blackmore – Otago
2nd Dean Foster – Canterbury
1st Dan Gerraty – Canterbury

Class 9 – Competition
3rd Karl Celeste – Wellington
2nd Nick Bartly – Mini 7’s
1st Corey Stewart

Club Trophy
3rd Wellington
2nd Tauranga
1st Christchurch

Newcomer Award and Overall Nationals Winner
Paige Sutton